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The most important rule. Have fun. It is fucked up this has to be made a rule but many times people forget why we do this.  It is supposed to be purely for fun and nothin else.
Raceism over other members will not be tolerated no matter what situation.  If you do use racial slurs and we find out then you will be fired on the spot with no exceptions.
There is a 2 wrestler and one manager limit.  There is a chance we might put both your wrestlers in 2 different matches for one card so if you don't think you can handle rping with both of them in different matches don't join as 2 wrestlers.
A completed application (a sample rp is optional) must be sent to join the CHW.  The information in the application is needed for the results and other things so everything needs to be filled out.  We have the right to not accept you into the CHW for a number of reasons which are: you didn't fill out the application completely,
There is a RP maximium of 4 times for your match, only 1 of which can be sent the day of deadline. If you fail to RP for 2 cards in a row, without contacting the Owner as to why, you will be terminated from cHw. I guess here I'll add that there is no official cHw Arena, and we dont have "house shows" so please avoid using these as settings in your RPs, it makes it unrealistic, and in my opinion, uncreative.
No fed advertisements for another federation will be tolerated.
If you feel you were screwed and should have won your match then e-mail me at, but if you come at me and swear and piss and moan at me then I won't consider doing anything about it. However if you don't swear at me there still is a possibility of nothing being done if I look at the rps and there's no way your rp(s) was better.
Almost every fed have a rule about swearing. Personally, I don't give a fuck if you swear or not.  So if you wanna swear, there will be no penalty.  The only thing I ask is that swearing isn't the only thing in your rps. be realistic real wrestlers get beeped out!

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