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Cyrus "the Virus"
Wrestler name: Cyrus "The Virus"
Height: 6'2"
wieght: 240lbs
Hometown: Brockton,MA
Heel/Face/Neutral: Heel
Theme music: "keep away" by god smack
ring entrance: lights dim and fade out as keep away by godsmack blares threw the arena and as the guitar intro plays pyro shoots left to right and then right to left on stage as the rythem of the song breaks in a blast of fire and lowd booms erupt on stage... cyrus blast threw the curtian carrying his barbed wire baseball bat he strolls down the ramp and enters the ring as he climbs to the middle rope on the outside ring apron and waves his bat in the air... he climbs down and lays his bat in the corner of the ring...
ring attire: black pants ,black wrestling boots white t-shirt and his barbed wire baseball bat
wrestling style: Hardcore,indy
5-10 moves: piledriver,clothes line,baseball slide, "10" punches, suplex, sitdown powerbomb, pumphandle press, spine buster, elbow from middle rope, leg drop.
trademark move:"lights out" or the "infection"
trademark description:"lights out"= cyrus irish whips opponent into turnbuckle and he flips upsidedown and is hung up by his foot in the top turn buckle crus places a chair over his face and baseball slides into it!!!..//// "Infection"= barbed wire baseball bat smash to the face
finisher: "Small Pox"
finisher description: a razors edge


Shorty "X"
Wrestler Name:shorty X
Gender: male
Height:5'6 "
Weight: 190lbs
Hometown: Haverhill,MA
Heel/Face/Neutral: face
Theme Music:low by flo-rider
Ring Entrance:fire works blast off as low by flo-rider blasts the pa system and shorty x makes his way down the ramp,he gives fans high 5s and makes his way up the steel steps into the ring and climps to the second rope and crosses his arms in the air to make an "X"
Ring Attire: jeans a red hoodie ans wrestling boots
Wrestling Style: high flyer
5-10 Moves: drop kick, school boy, back drop, balls jump( shory x gets oppenent into an arm bar and climbs to the top rope and runs across it and jumps off into a huricanranna) back flip off of the middle rope into a splash
Trademark Move: "X-splash"
Trademark Description: shorty lays opponent down and climbs to the top rope and does a 360 flip into a splash
Finisher: "X-bomb"
Finisher Description:swanton bomb

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